A question for the team… Are we creating an experience with static and dynamic parts? Will the moveable/ dynamic parts present the data (updates to the data) in new and novel ways? Will the static parts encase the data into the story of the island as well as the overall environmental narrative? Lots of important questions and one thing is for sure…the aesthetic that will hold these parts together will be crucial.

How will this experience be arranged? Already, it is feeling like a mosaic of different components— dynamic and static.

The lighthouse is the first thing that one notices as they approach the island (so we have been told), it is certainly the first thing that one notices from the photographs. Should our journey/ experience start with the lighthouse? The lighthouse (in our story) that presents the weather station data (alerts the viewer to the weather on the island) and that links to the island through the solar panel and water tank (the two entities that enable human existence on the island). And then the island in all its back lighted LED glory… the island has been described as a gem in the Bristol channel. Should we be looking at the island as a glass mosaic with back lighting LEDS…sparkling like a GEM in all its rich ecosystem glory? ((Gosh I think we are getting close to a conversation on the materials needed here…)))

The island through LEDS will present were the Flora & Fauna has been spotted each day. This links to the rising counters for each individual flora & fauna…. and also their individual life cycle stage. In the surrounding environment…we can see rising sea levels predicted from traffic and air pollution data from Cardiff. Also more & more feathers fluttering on the mainland as people continue not to fully recycle all their food waster and as a result continue to attract seagulls to the mainland. The sky of our experience will be lit up with tales from the logbook…daily as well as historical…. comparing/ presenting the same time through the decades.

Are we looking at static and dynamic mosaic pieces? Is there such a thing as a dynamic/ movable mosaic? What looks like a static mosaic from the distance… suddenly comes to life the closer you get to it… how would this work? Some interesting discussion ahead for the team.


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