Focusing on the weather station data we are now thinking about how this fits into the big picture. For example, the maximum and minimum measurements of rainfall, sun, wind etc. and how these would work in the design below.

Also, looking at the logbook data, we have started to get a feel for each season represented in the qualitative logbook entries.

  • Cold​
  • Clear​
  • Flat sea​
  • Slow worms are in hibernation
Winter into Spring​
  • Milder temperatures​
  • Lots of gulls​
  • Lots of different species of birds
  • Windy
  • Sunny​
  • Majority of shelduck sightings​
  • Slow worms come out of hibernation 
  • Busy
  • Hot​
  • Water dries up ​
  • Breeding season coming to end​
  • Wild leeks seem to bloom now​
  • Seem to have most butterflies
Autumn​ ​
  • Windy​
  • Rainy​
  • Slow worms are born


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