Anchoring the idea around water and our (humans) tendency to not fully understand and appreciate the value of our freshwater (i.e. Do we know that by 2050 there will be a global lack of freshwater?). Our future is intricately linked with the need for water and essentially, that our current lifestyles (involving alot of water wastage) are destroying that future. This experience is centred on water literacy. Flatholm island is an interesting case study in that it creates it’s own water opportunities. There is no freshwater on the island yet they (humans and wildlife) survive by collecting and drinking rainwater. However, again we have the anthropogenic effect… the more humans pollute their environments…the more sea levels rise. This causes not only contamination to freshwater supplies in Cardiff (world) but also there is the risk of the island itself is disappearing. Our story is pitched around Flatholm island….this beautiful rich self sufficient eco system which is the home of the rare herring and lesser back blacked gulls and others. We want to show the value of water for the island and its inhabitants and in doing so, highlight the value of water for everyone. Through engaging anthropogenic interpretation and interaction design we want to promote adaptions to our behaviours to ensure less damage to our environment and our vital and threatened freshwater supplies.



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