As we journey through our daily lives we  will face many situations where we have to balance our needs (i.e. something we must have for survival) and wants (i.e. something which might be good to have, but not essential for survival). Our life and the survival of our world (and Flatholm island) can be described like a tightrope walk and if we lean too far to the ‘wants’ side, we are bound to fall off. Too many wants (i.e. big car and nice fancy foods) and their impact if not effectively controlled (i.e. driving when you can walk to a destination, excess food and not recycling your food waste correctly etc.) can ultimately cause increased Co2 emissions. And these increased Co2 emissions can have  multiple negative effects on our planet and can put at risk the rich flora and fauna that inhabit the Earth (including us humans).

In attempting to show this tight rope with climate change, we want people to experience the tension that demands a balance and situational/ environmental awareness at all times. We want to take people on this tightrope and show them that if they don’t start to improve their current behaviours (around traffic and food waste recycling) then there is a  ‘Point of No Return’ for our environment (i.e. where so much damage is done that is it irreparable).

Likewise,  we want to show that if they improve on what they are currently doing, then there is huge hope for our Earth and island’s survival.


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