The DAPTEC framework

The DAPTEC framework defines the tasks performed at each step in the data physicalisation development process. It is a structure to be followed by a data physicalisation team. It is a cyclic process of continual improvement which covers the perspective, planning, people, process, product and proof of the data physicalisation. The following are a list of the 6 Ps of the DAPTEC framework:

Perspective: the vision and mission (i.e. goals and objectives) and direction of the data physicalisation.

Planning: the design, data, technology and material requirements (including concept mapping to sketching to asset spec to working blueprints of the data physicalisation)

People: the identification of all stakeholders in the design, development, evaluation and use of the data physicalisation.

Process: low to high fidelity prototypes of the data physicalisation encompassing design & data actions and technology functions.

Product: a data physicalisation is  produced and refined.

Proof: the testing and evaluation of the data physicalisation is undertaken.

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