A user story is a short story that describes the way in which a product or system would benefit someone. It is important to write a few user stories whilst designing and developing a product or system, as they will help guide the design and will show what should be included in order for the product to be as effective and useful to as many people as possible. User stories will keep the design on track and will help reduce confusion amongst the team. Your team may consist of people from many different backgrounds and with various specialities; a few simple user stories will be the key to bringing all these team members onto the same page as they will be able to understand the ultimate goal that they are working towards. For example: 

  • I’m an air pollution analyst. I want to be able to see the air pollution conditions on Flat Holm so that I can see how a big city like Cardiff and an island like Flat Holm differ in air quality. 
  • I’m a bird specialist. I want to see the different birds that live on Flat Holm and how many that are born and/or living there so that I can make predictions about the future of those species. 
  • I am a Cardiff citizen. I want to see how living on Flat Holm differs from living in a big city in terms of the weather, the flora and fauna and living conditions because I want to understand how much we take for granted on the mainland. 
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