Our data physicalisation is made of several narrative elements. As you can see from the image below, we have Flatholm island at the heart of the experience with its rich array of Flora & Fauna and a prominent lighthouse. We want to tell the people of Cardiff about this wonderful biodiverse eco system at the heart of the Bristol channel. For example, there will be signals coming from the lighthouse light to describe the day to day experience on the island (current/daily and historic logbook entries). There will be markers highlighting the rich Flora and Fauna eco system on the island. Then we have the bigger environmental story: too many cars in Cardiff — emitting high levels of C02 gases — causing rising sea levels— which is a big threat to our beautiful Flatholm. We also have seagulls leaving the island for food on the mainland, people are not fully recycling all their food waste and as result, this food is ending up in landfill (and along with attracting seagulls, it is also producing high levels of Co2 gases)

On one hand, we have a beautifully rich biodiverse Flatholm island (described like a gem in the Bristol Channel). The markers on the left of the image below, indicate a Flora & Fauna and the map lights up to show where that specie has been spotted. The lighthouse highlights the daily weather on the island which corresponds with the water tank and solar panels/ lighted farmhouse and full bird pond on the island.

We also have seagulls leaving the island (see image below), we are envisioning moving feathers as a way to represent these departing seagulls. The faster the feathers move the more food that is in the landfills in Cardiff and ultimately the less people are recycling.

The more cars that are driven into Cardiff, the more Co2 emissions that are emitted. This correlates to the global rise in sea levels which is a big threat to our beautiful biodiverse Flatholm island. We are envisioning waves made from recycled car parts/ or car collaged waves…. the waves with the most cars are the waves that will cause the most impact on rising sea water levels.

Linking in with the Island’s history and Guglielmo Marconi, who sent the first wireless signals over open sea from Faltholm island…. we envision the projected logbook entries being signalled out to the people of Cardiff from Flatholm island.


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