The first phase of this journey is us trying to really get our heads into the core purpose/ heart of the data physicalisation and all its stakeholders. Can you imagine? We are doing this remotely (i.e. the team logs in from home every Tuesday). We also have a Teams site where we actively show off our designs and developments from each week. This has been a great support, it is like a virtual lab where we house and grow our ideas. To kick start us in the first week of the project, CCC shared the findings from a user experience (UX) requirements study that they undertook on the island the previous year. This gave us a good insight into people’s thoughts, feelings and also their awareness of the island. Unfortunately,  a trip to Flatholm island that we all were looking forward to has been postponed until spring 2021 (we are hoping COVID-19 restrictions will be lifted by then). To work around this,  we held amazingly detailed conversations with the warden on the island and also a colleague from Cardiff Met who volunteers on the island. This enabled us to get a really good feel for life on the island and also what is unique and very special about this island.

Also, it is often a good start to get another perspective on the key elements of the project. A word cloud can often raise to the surface some of the more hidden elements. As you will see from the graphic Wales/ Welsh and people feature in and around some of the bigger hits (i.e. Yard, CCC, project etc.).


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