The impressionists (1860-1900) were a group of artists who decided to paint, very simply, what they saw, thought, and felt. They weren’t interested in perfection and accuracy of visual appearances. They were more interested in capturing the “impression” of how a landscape, person or thing appeared to them at a certain moment in time. On the Flatholm DAPTEC project we are wanting to achieve similar…we are not so much interested capturing a complete and precise data experience… we are more interested in the data impression. With a solid foundation and accurate data base we want to design for and capture an impression of the data. Like the impressionists of the 1800’s, we want people feel the data. We want people to feel the impact of their behaviours on the environment. As a team, we are introducing this new concept of ‘Data Impressionism’ and to tell the world that we are data impressionists.


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